ca. 1544

Danish counsellor Anders Bille's recommendations about the Icelandic trade, that the king shall send two ships of 100 lasts annually to collect sulfur, which the Hamburg merchants do until now, and a ship to the harbours Botsand and Reff to trade, and that the English traders in England shall pay their tolls for the Icelandic trade in the London steelyard.

Created for and published on the HANSdoc website of the German Maritime Museum, Bremerhaven, by Bart Holterman in the context of the research project Between the North Sea and the Norwegian Sea: interdisciplinary Studies of the Hanse. Licensed CC BY.

Copenhagen, Rigsarkivet

Særligt stillede landskaber og unionsriger: D 11 Island og Færøerne, Pakke 22 (Supplement II, no. 2)

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Signet seal.

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Modern numbering, 43.


Diplomatarium Islandicum 11:328 (after Thorkelin)
Grimur Jónsson Thorkelin, Diplomatarium Arnamagnæum.
Diplomatarium Islandicum 14:317
(second part of the document which contains 15650405LUN00, and which was not recognised as being the same document as 11:328)

NOTE Thorkelin attributed the document to Johan Friis, based on the script alone, even though he identified the seal as belonging to Eske Bille. This view was adopted by Ólason in Diplomatarium Islandicum, even though he stated that the seal actually belonged to Anders (not Eski) Bille. As the script was identified as being from Anders Bille by a note of the archivist as well, there is no reason to assume the author of the letter was Johan Friis.

Om then ysslandske Handell.

Item først ath Kongl. Maiett scriver de Hamborgher ath de forholle them nogher tiid ath seyle pa Yslandh efther swowæll saa ath Kongl. Maitt haffuer thet selff behoff thet ther kandh falle po nogher thii[d] ath kongl. Maitt haffuer forfareth ath thet formynsker sigh nogeth och hans Nade haffuer thet selff behoff thet ther nogher tiid kand falle her efther.

Item ath Kongl. Maitt will lade hwerth aar løbæ 2 skiib til Yssland hwerth skiff po 100 lesther for wden kosth och fetale och henthe ther Swowell och føre then her ynd wdi Landeth och lade Iwttherræ ther her saa kand hans Nade haffwa[!] ther aff hwerth aar 5 eller 6000 mk. Lubs och saa kand hans Nade bestille en Købman aff de facker ther køber hans Node samme Swowell aff och giiffuer ther fore goth gwll eller de ware som hans Node selff beger.

Item her søndher po Ysslandh wdi en Haffn som kalles Posandh ath ther yngen skiiff løber wden Kongl. Mait. eth skiiff wdi slyghensken alh hans Nade will ther lade skibæ all hans egen skath och Renthe som faller ther søndher pa landeth och siiden føre same fysk wdi Engeland och ther kiøbe klede fore till Kongl. Maitts egeth behoff. doch skulle thette forkyndes de Hamborgher om Hosthen till fornæ so de wistæ ther om ath rethe them.

Item liggher ther och en Haffn som kalles Reff harth hos Snebesyøkell ther faller och then bestæ fisk och købmanskaff ther faller po Landeth thet kan Kongl. Maitt och lade forsøge met uthskiiff pa 100 Lesther och siiden ther aff och ind wdi Engelandh efther klede.

Item ath de ængelskæ ther søgher Yssland om aareth mothe giffwæ deres taald wdi Engælandh po Stolhouith eller Irwar Kongl. Maitt thet en andensted ther wdi Engæland wille sethe them foræ. hwar Kongen aff Engeland thet ykæ will yndgaa ath de ænge[l]skæ tha motthe giffwæ deris Talld po Wespenøen som liggher op till Yssland po en wge sos nær ther som de engelskæ thet ykæ wille yndgaa da kand Kongl. Maitt lade eth løbe wdaff Norge enthen fran Bergen bemandeth tha kand thet skiiff twynge de Engelskæ till ath legge deres ta

al wd som de nw wdi langh tiid yckæ wdgiffueth haffuæ.

Transcript copied from Diplomatarium Islandicum 14:317