[1560, August 25]

King Frederick II of Denmark to Pouel Stissen, governor of Iceland: count Anthony of Oldenburg has requested to trade in Iceland to supply his court with fish, and therefore he should be helped in acquiring the desired fish when his ship reaches Iceland.

Created for and published on the HANSdoc website of the German Maritime Museum, Bremerhaven, by Bart Holterman in the context of the research project Between the North Sea and the Norwegian Sea: interdisciplinary Studies of the Hanse. Licensed CC BY.

Copenhagen, Rigsarkivet

Danske Kancelli, Tegnelser over alle Lande 6, f. 321r




Diplomatarium Islandicum 13:376 (after a transcript of Jón Sigurðsson in JS 372, 4to, p. 499)

Pouell Stissenn fogett paa Island.

fick breff. att effther som greff Anthonnis aff Oldenburg haffuer schreffuit kon. mts. thiill och giffuer tilkiennde. att hand achter att haffue hans bud ind wdj Island ther att kiøbe tiill hans husses ophold nogenn Islands fisk. tha beder kon. mts. Pouel Stissen. att nar hans bud hannom mett kon. mts. breff besøgendis worder. att hand tha førdrer hannom thiill thett beste och er hannom bebielpeligen ther att maa bekomme fisk tiill kiøbs aff kon. mts. wndersotte for hans pendinge etc. Datum vt supra.

Transcript copied from Diplomatarium Islandicum