[1434, December - 1435, April]

Answer of the Hanseatic representatives to requests of the Hanseatic Kontor in Bruges during negiotiations in Flanders, among others that they will discuss the complaints in the cities with the Bergen merchants, and see that the prohibition is respected.

Created for and published on the HANSdoc website of the German Maritime Museum, Bremerhaven, by Bart Holterman in the context of the research project Between the North Sea and the Norwegian Sea: interdisciplinary Studies of the Hanse. Licensed CC BY.

Gdańsk, Archiwum Państwowe w Gdańsku

Schbl. XXVI Nr. 20, ff. 39v-41

50 folios

112, 210, 3-412, 54

Written in three different hands

Title: Responsum dominorum ambassiatorum super articulis suprascriptis.

Also contains other documents about the negotiations

Facsimile not (yet) available

Hanserecesse II, 1, no. 394
Diplomatarium Islandicum 5:12 (second part; the first part is from 14341200BRU00; only has paragraph 10)


10. Item van deme puncte, dat nemand in Islande seghelen schal etc., dat wille wii bii de stede bringhen unde in den olden recessen unde [van den] Berghevareren ervaren de leghenheyd, unde wat denne vor dat ghemeene beste vorramed wert, dat deme copmanne to Brugghe, to Lunden unde to Berghen dat vorscreven werde bii penen darup gesat also to holdende.


Transcript copied from Hanserecesse (only the part about the North Atlantic trade)