1565, February 19


King Frederick II of Denmark permits Andres Gudske, burgomaster, and Knut Pedersen, secretary in Copenhagen, to trade with the harbour Botsand in Iceland until further notice and to trade with fish oil in the entire sýsla, on the condition that they will not trade sulfur, trade commodities of good quality, and will not use false measures and weights.

Created for and published on the HANSdoc website of the German Maritime Museum, Bremerhaven, by Bart Holterman in the context of the research project Between the North Sea and the Norwegian Sea: interdisciplinary Studies of the Hanse. Licensed CC BY.

Copenhagen, Rigsarkivet

Danske Kancelli, Registre over alle Lande 8, f. 546v.

Diplomatarium Islandicum 14:246 (after a transcript of Jón Sigurðsson, JS 493 4to)

Anders Godske. borgemester. oc Knud Schriffuer finge kon. matts. breff att motte besøge Island met theris kiøbmandskab. saa liudendis.

Frederich thend anden etc. Giøre alle wittherligt. att efftherthj wij forfare. att wore vndersotte paa wor land Island haffuer brøst for tilføring till thieris vnderholding. tha paa thett thij saa møgit thes ydermere ther met maa bliffue forsørget. oc bekome hues the behøffue. haffue wij aff wor synderlig gunst oc naade vndt oc tilladt oc nu mett thette wort obne breff vnde oc tillade. att oss elskelige Anders Godske. borgemester vdj wor kiøbsted Kiøbnehaffn. oc Knud Pedersen. wor slaatzschriffuer ther same stedz. mue till thennom tage. fliere wore vndersotte riigens indbyggere oc lade beseigle en wor oc kronens haffn. holdis Boesand. for synden paa forschreffne wort land Island. wdj Guldbringsyssel liggendis. oc ther same stedz mett forschreffne wore vndersotte handle oc wandle oc indkiøbe. hues ware ther falder. oc skulle the oc theris mett redere oc ingenn anden mue till thennom kiøbe all thend trauen vdj forsehreffne syssell till kiøbs er. till saa lenge wij anderledis ther om tilsiigendis worder. dag saa att thj aarligen till guode rede skulle vdgiffue till oss oc kronen. hues told oc andet rett oc rettighed. som oss mett rette tilkomer. Skulle the oc ingen suoffuell kiøbe eller vdføre. men wij wille oss thend alsamen forbeholdet haffue. Sameledis skulle the tilbiude oss. hues trauen the indkiøbendis worder. før the thend till andre affhender. oc ther som wij ther aff noget behøffue. tha skulle the thend selge oss for itt skielligt werd. skulle the oc were forplicht att lade tilføre forschreffne wore vndersotte paa wort land Island guode wforfalskede ware. saa oc the ware. som vndersottene nøttigt oc gaffnligt ere. oc thennom ther for itt skielligt werd oc belligt kiøb selge oc affhende. Thesligiste skulle the bruge rett maade oc wecht oc i alle maade thennom forholde saa. att ingen klage kommer offuer thennom. Cum inhibitione solita. Malmoe 19 Februarij 1565.

Transcript copied from Diplomatarium Islandicum.