1581, February 16


King Frederick II of Denmark to Christoffer Valkendorff: after the Faroes have been given to Copenhagen citizens, the previous license holder Magnus Heinason has come to him and complained about the difficulties he had because of illegal competition from a merchant from Hamburg, whom he had captured and taken to Bergen, and therefore he still had many outstanding debts on the islands. As he has been an honest citizen, he should keep his license for the Faroes. Also about illegal sailings of men from Holland.

Created for and published on the HANSdoc website of the German Maritime Museum, Bremerhaven, by Bart Holterman in the context of the research project Between the North Sea and the Norwegian Sea: interdisciplinary Studies of the Hanse. Licensed CC BY.

Copenhagen, Rigsarkivet

Danske Kancelli, Sjællandske Tegnelser (1572-1660) XIV, ff. 433v-435r




Modern Danish translation in Kancelliets brevbøger, copied with Faroese summary in Evensen, Savn til Føroyinga sögu no. 159.

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