[1515, beginning of August]


Answer of King Christian II of Denmark to the Hanseatic envoys during negotiations in Oslo, among others that he has confirmed the existing regulations about the Icelandic trade.

Created for and published on the HANSdoc website of the German Maritime Museum, Bremerhaven, by Bart Holterman in the context of the research project Between the North Sea and the Norwegian Sea: interdisciplinary Studies of the Hanse. Licensed CC BY.

Rostock, Stadtarchiv Rostock

Booklet of 36 folios

Five quires

Title in the hand of the Rostock secretary: Antword des koninges.

Contains many other texts, see Hanserecesse III, 6, no. 513. This text on f. 30.

Facsimile not (yet) available

Hanserecesse III, 6, no. 614


10. Na deme de Islandessche reise etc.: Eynsodant ko. w. an desulvigen heft gedan scriven, umme des hirnamals also aftodonde.1


Transript copied from Hanserecesse (selected paragraph only)